All in the loom

Life all around me here in the village:

Tragedy, comedy, valor, and truth,

Courage, constancy, heroism, failure——

All in the loom, and oh what patterns! —Masters


It was drizzling outside. The streets and buildings got shrouded with a white veil of mist. Edinburgh looked broodingly beautiful after raining, which swept me off my feet as I dined out with Kathy tonight. So I quoted Masters’s poem, which sounds like a bit sarcastic and kinda impotent though, a good confession of affection.

But actually indeed, Edinburgh has a very gentle disposition——bright and breezy, though sometimes the wind howls in winter. There is a film “Sunshine on Leith” telling a story of how people exert themselves to live a good life and get rid of the nightmarish wars in Afghanistan. You see how lovely it is. As the song of ‘The Proclaimers’ says: I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to do the best I can, awuh-huh awuh-huh awuh-huh…


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